Welcome to the official website for freetothink books. We’re a small, Florida-based publisher of non-fiction books — e-book, pdf and print — for free thinkers of all ages. We also publish poetry and a select collection of fiction titles. Our mission is to enlighten, inspire and foster critical thinking about life, the universe and everything.

Whether you’re a kid, a kid at heart, a teacher, an autodidact or anyone who loves to question, learn and explore the vast amount there is to know, freetothink books aims to provide food for thought.

We also publish a freewheeling blog about cool, thought-provoking stuff … from weird new discoveries from the science world to creative resources for students, writers, artists and the generally curious. It’s free to subscribe, and guaranteed to interest, so please sign up! (See the subscribe button to the right, at the bottom of the sidebar.)

Our books are currently available here on our website and through Amazon.

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